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This is a heads up on the actions you can take to keep yourself healthy and safe when dealing with an infectious illness such as Covid 19 (Corona Virus). It is important to be aware and if you have reason to believe you may be infected – specifically if you have been to North Italy or China – then you must CALL a doctor or hospital on the phone, do not turn up at the doctor’s practice. You will be advised on the phone how to further proceed. This comes from the press conference given by the Minister of Health on the 27.02.2020.

Concrete actions, to protect yourself and others from infection:

  • Keep a distance from the sick (one to two meters)
  • Regular, frequent and careful handwashing (at least 20 seconds with soap, up to the
  • wear gloves if necessary (wash after daily change)
  • Shake hands and hug by replacing elbows (so-called „Ebola handshake“)
  • Touch faces less
  • Do not touch mucous membranes on the face (mouth, eyes, nose) with your fingers
  • Do not sneeze in the hand, but in the crook of the arm
  • Dispose of used tissues quickly
  • Breathing masks offer little protection to healthy people, and the mask is moistened by condensed breathing air
    removes the barrier protection after only 20 minutes [2], masks should be used by medical personnel
  • Develop other protective habits: for example, pressing elevator buttons with ankles
    instead of fingertip
  • Avoid busy places and events, prioritise where you need to go

Source: https://www.sciencemediacenter.de/fileadmin/user_upload/Fact_Sheets_PDF/FS_Pandemie_Verhalten_CoV.pdf?fbclid=IwAR1lFME5ZqwP9__I_YPO2xqdv93JVwdDP6Ui5zGjEobtTUn7qmljIzMrJcY



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