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Our Philosophy

The German-American management team’s maxim is an American-Service-Attitude. This basic attitude is bottom line of all of our services.

Passion and Professionality

We are aware of the organizational hurdles, and understand the emotional challenges a change to a new living environment can mean.

Our aim is that each in their own right, invests their time and energy into exploring and adjusting their new immediate responsibilities,
be it at the company, the schools, the home, and the culture.

High customer satisfaction continually motivates us to bring our full commitment and knowledge as well as our personal experiences in each new assignment.

We are trusted
by the very best

What Our Clients Say

Dr. Charles A. & Family

Nuvisan Pharma Services

“On behalf of my family, I wish to state our sincere gratitude for your help during the period of searching for a new apartment, registration at Rathaus Spandau, and especially the stressful time with IKEA Spandau. You were incredibly helpful. We just want to let you know that we cherish every single moment you spent with us in ensuring that our relocation to Berlin is smooth. We wish you a similar successful period with other potential clients of IRC Berlin.”

Nishal P.

Deutsche Telekom Laboratories

“An Indian vegetarian, without any knowledge of German immigrates to Deutschland with all bags from the comfort zone of a US University town. Just to add on a Sunday evening when all shops were closed, with a drizzle around! At the immigration counter, nothing was understandable and everything felt too new. This was me and then I meet Ariane from IRC who came to receive me. IRC, chosen by Deutsche Telekom, was helping us out settle. Yes, it was no less than a real pampering from ones mother. She literally took care of everything from food, accommodation and even that social and cultural comfort in a new place. What is unique with IRC is that they are not just helping you with new location, but understand your previous place well enough, to provide an excellent transition. They are there on any day, any time until you need them. IRC experience helped me to be more ready in moving around globally. In one sentence, thanks to IRC, Germany is second home today, and I am a global citizen.“

Marion S.

Takeda Pharma GmbH & Co.KG

“Das IRC Team ist absolut klasse!! Mein Umzug nach Berlin stand 2012 an aber ein Neustart in einer völlig fremden Stadt ist mit vielem Unbekannten verbunden. Für mich als „Rheinländerin“ würde ein unpassendes Wohnungsumfeld den Start erheblich erschweren. In intensiven Vorgesprächen haben wir daher alle relevanten Aspekte und meine individuellen Bedürfnisse abgeklärt und diese fanden sich dann auch in der Vorauswahl der Besichtigungstermine wieder. Bereits nach einem Besichtigungstag habe ich eine passende Wohnung gefunden! Durch die gute und intensive Betretung bin ich emotional entspannt und stressfrei in Berlin „angekommen“. Ein herzliches Dankeschön die tolle Betreuung und die vielen hilfreichen Tipps/Empfehlungen zum Neustart in Berlin :-).“

Daniel L.

Bayer Pharma AG

“There are many things to consider when a family moves to another country. Thanks to the staff of IRC Berlin our arrival in Germany has been much easier. Anja’s international and professional experience and her profound knowledge of Berlin have been essential during the entire process, since she has supported and helped us with the search for a new home, with the selection of a school for our daughters, including interviews with school staff, with the opening of a bank account, with a countless number of administrative formalities to receive a German drivers license, etc. In several cases she went beyond her normal responsibilities to support us. Thank you Anja, thank you IRC.“

Siobhan O.

GG Luxury Goods GmbH

“I cannot speak higher of the excellent service offered to me by IRC during my relocation to Berlin. IRC dealt with all the difficult bureaucracy procedures in a professional and friendly way, allowing me to focus on my new role in the company. I would like to thank my consultant Anja Kunzke for the continual care and assistance she offers. The positive impact means that I cannot recommend IRC enough.“

Frederick R.


"Many thanks to the whole IRC team and the great job they did for us. The countless tips & tricks have had a noticeable impact. I can highly recommend the work of the IRC team and many thanks for the long evenings :)”

Proof of Excellence

Our Awards

For more than 25 years, IRC Relocation has been supporting companies with international mobility services.

We take immense pride in our expertly trained team, passionately dedicated to delivering best quality services fueled by genuine love for our work.

  • Service Excellence

    2021 – Silver Award
  • Service Excellence

    2020 – Gold Award
  • Service Excellence

    2019 – Gold Award
  • Destination Services

    2019 – Gold Award
  • Service Excellence

    2018 – Gold Award
  • International Destination Service Provider

    2017 – Gold Award
  • International Destination Service Provider

    2016 – Gold Award
  • International Destination Service Provider

    2015 – Gold Award
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Our Values

At IRC Relocation, we believe our values drive our passion and should reflect in everything we do. We don´t take these values lightly. Our DNA consists customer centricity, passion, dedication, loyalty, innovation, creativity, sustainability, trust, speed and cohesiveness. If you share our values, we are a perfect match.


Member of EuRA

EuRA is the professional industry body for relocation providers and affiliated services. As a non-profit organisation EuRA promotes professional relocation services. IRC Relocation is part of the larger network.

Member of Außergewöhnlich Berlin

AußerGewöhnlich Berlin is the somewhat unusual way Berliners connect with each other. The most modern and the most traditional concept in one club: old salon culture meets today's spirit, high integrity meets great openness.

Relocate the Profit

Relocate the Profit is an initiative where we invite all Relocation Management Companies, Destination Service Providers, household goods shippers, immigration offices, tax service providers, and every other company related to the job we all love so much, to take off of the Competitors Hat and apart from building a strong network of colleagues, work together as a team to raise money for charity.

Founding Member of GARP

We are a team of different personalities coming from different backgrounds with one goal - a change for relocation in Germany.

Connected through work and friendship with loads of experiences in the relocation sector we realized how eager we are to be stronger together, learn and help each other.

Transparency, shared goals and trust united us - the dream of closer collaboration in our work sector led to founding garp.

German Startups Association

Startups are the driving force of our future economy. Visionary founders have the courage to implement their great ideas. We support these entrepreneurs by representing their interests in the world of politics and business, as well as in the wider public. We organize debates on the key issues facing the courageous players within the startup ecosystem and make sure these topics get put on the political agenda.

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