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Cross cultural training refers to the training given to employees related to cultural differences regarding ways of communication. A training increases cultural awareness which facilitates the communication and understanding within a team or department. Get to know the most important cultural differences, create understanding and tried and tested strategies for successful adaptation. The understanding of cultural differences and developing appropiate communication skills and behaviors and understanding within a new foreign business environment.

Cultural Circle

The idea

We want to create a community where anyone can share and reflect on their personal experiences in Germany. Where you can explore your resources in dealing with the demands of a new environment. Where you can develop strategies that help to get the most out of your stay in Germany. A place and community where you can get important information about family life in Germany! Let us together create a unique community-based format!

Cross Cultural

Our Workshops

Cross cultural training is essential for doing business involving different nationalities and cultures. Cultural training aims to develop awareness between people where a common cultural framework does not exist in order to promote clear lines of communication and better relationships. We guarantee the best possible results through our experienced coaches, who have been successful in this field for many years. We conduct workshops specifically tailored to your needs, either at your location or in specially equipped spaces.

Interactive Seminar - One day

Living & Working in Germany

Our workshop Living and Working in Germany is primarily aimed at expatriates and their partners. The goals within this one day workshop are building cultural awareness (What is culture – a short intro to intercultural communication). Understanding cultural backgrounds and german culture (central values of the german society). Additionally we are focus on german history and modern german society. The role of immigrants in the society and germans way of meeting foreigners. Business communication – working in projects, meetings, presentations and finding ways to interact with colleagues, give and receive feedback, and an understanding of different leadership styles. Cultural integration – understanding and managing transition and of course practical tips for everyday life.

Interactive Workshop - half a day

Little Ones

This workshop is aimed specifically at children and their parents. A foreign assignment is not only exciting for parents – their children go to a new school, have to make new friends and maybe even learn a new language in a flash. The goal of this format is that children learn how to have fun living and learning abroad and explore the benefits of intercultural experiences for the future. Old and new friends: Facts about the new country – What do I have to do and what do I need to know? Making change tangible and experiencing diversity – Culture shock!

Individual consulting - 3 half day coaching

Career Orientation in Berlin

This service is tailored to the specific needs of the spouse! What we are focus on is building and developing business relationships and networks. Support in the clarification and concretization of professional goals. Advice in decision making and implementation of next steps. We assist you with your CV and application letter preparation as well as job interview skills. We share our resources of job opportunities with you.

Intercultural Trainers

Meet our Coaches

With the help of our coaches you will gain more confidence when dealing with Germans, your colleagues or bureaucracy in Berlin. Get to know the most important cultural differences. Create understanding and present tried and tested strategies for successful integration. The trainings are designed as an interactive learning environment. Content is science based, and inputs are brief and built around participants interests.

Friederike von Denffer

Friederike von Denffer, is an expert for intercultural matters as coach, facilitator and editor. She has been working successfully for over ten years with individuals and teams in a business context. She graduated in Sociology at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich and is licensed for The International Profiler (TIP) by WorldWork London. Her seminars are aimed at specialists and managers in various branches of the profit and non-profit sector. As a lecturer Friederike teaches Intercultural Management at universities in Germany. She has travelled extensively in Australia, New Zealand, South-East Asia and the USA and heads the editorial department of an intercultural trade magazine mondial.

Dr. Elisabeth Villalta

Dr. Elisabeth Villalta has a professional background in Theoretical Linguistics and Cognitive Sciences. She has conducted scientific research and taught seminars in the US, France, the Netherlands and Germany for many years. During those years, she had the chance to experience first hand what it means to face the challenges of moving between countries and several cultures. In 2014, she assisted the directing office of the Berlin branch of the Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research and has since then worked in the Relocation branch. Her professional background as well as her own first hand knowledge of intercultural issues gathered over many years allow her to understand the needs and challenges of a new cultural setting, be it in business or as a family adjusting.



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