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Meet Peggy Lindner

Our Language Coach

Have you moved to a new country? Do you want to learn the language spoken in your new home quickly so you can settle in, forge connections, and quickly find your way in your social and cultural surroundings?

Or do you already have language skills, so you can communicate in the foreign language? But perhaps not quite as fluently as you’d like – or even as fluently as required?

English or German as a foreign language

We’re happy to help you with targeted language acquisition through our individual, customized language training courses. Efficient programs will quickly teach you how to communicate in your desired language.

In our individual training programs, the content is specifically tailored to your goals. You decide on the course times and intensity.

Whether you choose traditional in-person training or work with us online, in our virtual classroom, our native speaking trainers can help you achieve your personal language learning goals – working at your own pace, and having fun all the while!

Learn with the pros

The SPRACHWEISER language school instructor team is made up of qualified native speaking and bilingual trainers. They form a motivated international team that is more than happy to help you unlock your desired language.

Our trainers teach exclusively in their native language, so cultural aspects are also included in our classes.

They have experience in the business environment, which is key to incorporating industry-related or subject-specific vocabulary into the foreign language training activities.

Solid language skills for day-to-day business

Do you need to speak general business German or English with greater poise and confidence?

With training activities geared toward real-world practice, taught by qualified native speaking trainers, you can quickly get your foreign language skills up to speed for your day-to-day work.

Work with us to improve your business communications in your desired language. We will help you with everything from talking on the phone and e-mail correspondence to dialogue with colleagues and customers, describing your activities and work, and asking and answering questions.

In our business language courses, you will practice the subject-specific terms and idiomatic expressions you need to communicate fluently and comfortably in the foreign language, whether with your colleagues or with business partners and customers.

As your skills progress, you will also learn to present complex matters in your foreign language, take on management tasks, and conduct meetings or even negotiations.

All through your journey, we take content specific to your industry or department into account so you can apply the foreign language skills you have acquired directly in your day-to-day work. You will find that this works quickly to make your working processes easier, improve business relationships, and open up greater opportunities in your career.

Learn online or in person

Want to build your language skills from anywhere, anytime? Then our online learning options are right for you! Online courses are an especially practical option for people working from home.

The programs our instructors use for their virtual meetings are probably already familiar to you from work. They include Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and more.

The virtual classroom is also an excellent complement to any kind of conventional training, such as e-mail, phone, or in-person training activities.

Our in-person classes are held either at the SPRACHWEISER language school, located near Berlin’s Ostbahnhof, or at your office. Upon request, we can also offer an external space. There may be travel and rental expenses for this.

Top-notch customer service from a caring team

When you work with us, you always come first. Our project management team truly cares for you and your objectives, and we work especially hard to ensure flexibility in planning our courses.

We believe there’s no such thing as “one size fits all.” Every training concept is customized just for you. We will work with you to assess your existing skills and discuss where you want to go and then craft your individual course concept based on your starting level and goals.

We’re happy to provide an individual offer for your customized language training. We’re here for you at every step of your foreign language journey.

Our Language Courses

We offer the best courses tailored to your needs

Our course packages for you

German / English language training – for expats and their partners

Content: Acquire and build on language skills according to your needs;
examples: general vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, business language, or test prep

Location: Online or in person
Times: By agreement
Frequency: 2-3 hours a week
Materials: Included

German / English language training – for kids

Content: Age-appropriate instruction for kids to build language skills, especially general vocabulary and pronunciation, in a fun and entertaining format with varied content

Location: Online or in person
Times: By agreement
Frequency: 2-3 hours a week
Materials: Included

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