Change Management – A Relocation Journey

A relocation is a great opportunity to realign your team. A relocation journey is emotionally challenging as a process, and marks a distinct disruption in both the private and working life. We want to facilitate teams along this disruptive change. Our change management workshops offer support in a two-layered approach

  • By addressing issues of emotional safety and collective needs during the transition period to approach the relocation with an open mindset
  • By using the momentum and the disruptive character of the relocation process as a sweet spot to engage the team to kick-off and develop new cultural, procedural or spacial change. Let’s start this journey together.


Our Workshops

Change Management is by its very nature highly contextual and each workshop setting depends on the needs, issues and size of the team. The presented formats can be viewed as a starting point for custom designed workshops, closely tailored to the individual needs of our clients. All our services cater to ensuring customer satisfaction. This represents the focus of our business thinking and therefore activities.


Relocation Journey

How do you address fears concerning a relocation and get the team excited about the new destination? The Relocation Journey Workshop guides teams through this period of transition by helping to create a common desirable vision of the new location. Additionally, a safe space to voice personal hopes, fears and doubts is created. Before the team can start their journey, they will collectively decide which old habits and bad routines they will leave behind. Afterwards, areas of opportunity for the new location are identified for rapid ideation: new roles, rules, rituals (meetings), artifacts, community and collaboration spaces or supporting functions. Rough prototypes of the best ideas are created and pitched in front of the team. This process helps team members to align on a common vision and create ownership for their new location.

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The Team Tree

Many teams are facing the same challenge today: How can they reinvent themselves in the face of new challenges and how can they start a transformation that really changes the mindset and the structure of the team? The two-day Team Tree framework is a deep dive into team building, personal development and shared goals. The workshop setting will take you on a journey into the creation and leadership of motivated and high performing teams, rich learning spaces and powerful creative processes. By visualizing personal development and giving voice to the collective values, the team is able to define its mode of collaboration. Additionally, inner and outer driving factors are (re)evaluated and new roles and rituals are tested.

What makes this framework relevant:

Relocations and new team settings are a source of uncertainty and stress for teams and individuals. Psychological safety is the main predictor for team performance and helps employees to feel at home during and after a relocation process. Frameworks from this workshop can be used by the team for regular team retrospectives. The Team Tree has been tried and tested for years, in teams of all sizes.

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Tough Decision Workshop

The half-day New Location – Tough Decisions workshop helps teams to address unsolved issues, navigate through difficult topics and collectively agree on solutions. Typically, difficult topics result in long meetings that end with the feeling that your time has been wasted and no clear outcome has been defined. This framework systematically cuts out unnecessary discussion and replaces it with a rapid creation of a number of ideas and then voting on the best one to execute. The teams’ decision process is moderated by experienced coaches using methods such as the systemic consensus or the interactive priorisation. This workshop helps your team to speed up the time it takes to make decisions and get everyone involved. After all, creative problem solving and a structured conversation within the team are key elements to success.

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Change Management Team

At the heart of our workshops are clearly our experienced coaches. They have studied together as friends and have both developed independently! After several stations and professional experiences we are very happy to see them working as a team again. Meet Nils van Laak and Nicolas Pfleiderer!

Nicolas Pfleiderer

Change Management Coach

Nico loves to enable people and organizations to embrace change and
uncertainty and use it as a chance to grow. His specialty as a Coach is to invoke
Teamspirit and kickstart Teams into productivity. He co-founded Wecreation GmbH, a Berlin based spin-off of the HPI School of Design Thinking, that helps employees and leaders of organizations to rediscover their creative potential and use it to actively shape change to their benefit. Nico is certified by the hpi school of Design Thinking. He has a scientific background in Physics and Bionics and is part of the Aspen Institute Germany community, innovation and creativity management.



Clients Nicolas has worked with:

As co-founder of WeCreation GmbH, Nico has already dealt with many and exciting customers. Here is a small overview.

Nils van Laak

Change Management Coach

Nils van Laak studied Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship & International Business in the Netherlands, England and Germany. He also attended the Hasso Plattner School of Design Thinking. He has worked for corporations, start-ups and creative agencies, where he was involved in campaigns for clients like Mercedes-Benz. With a specialization in Future of Work, Corporate Democracy and Creative Confidence, he explores creative developments in organizations. In his workshops, the principles of agile work are experienced first-hand while group dynamic processes are uncovered to enable team play, clear communication and alignment in change processes. He combines professional experience from different industries with methodological knowledge of innovation and creativity management.


Clients Nils has worked with:

A small overview which should show that Nils knows how to deal with big and small customers. His constant good feedback makes Nils an important part of IRC.


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