We Would Like To Welcome You To Your New Home Berlin


This blog is a way that the IRC Team and our clients can share their experience and knowledge with you. Every year our Team helps many people in their relocation to Berlin, singles, couples and families and we want everyone to feel comfortable and settled in their new environment.

Moving to a new Country or City can be very daunting, we hope to make your transition a little easier by sharing things we learned on our own journey of being new in Berlin.

Berlin has so much to offer, it is a melting pot for people and cultures from all around the world and we want you to be able to find people, places and things which make you feel comfortable in your new hometown and not to mention discover what german culture and Berlin have to offer.



Niklas Almerood

I joined IRC-Berlin in January 2019 and took over from Ariane in January 2020. Currently, I’m adjusting and setting up my vision in my new position as General Manager for IRC. My vision for IRC is to be a company which understands the needs of its customers combined with the solutions of our digital sphere in 2022. As I’ve worked in several digital businesses I see my biggest personal challenge to implement the heart of a truly digital company into IRC’s services. Additionally, it’s super important for me to understand the whole journey of the relocation process which means what happens before and after the relocation.

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