Relocation Experience - Malavasi Family


Francesco, Alice, and their two children moved to Berlin in early 2020. They are originally from Italy but relocated from a small town in Tirol, Austria – a big change in lifestyle for the family. They were looked after by our IRC consultant Britta Trendelenburg. This was their experience!

What was your experience with IRC?

To have the support of Britta made our life easier. Before the move, we set up all the bases for a smooth „landing“ in the city. She was very well connected to find us an apartment fully furnished in an area nearby my office. A great job was done to manage all the bureaucracy with the Government office and with the school. We were extremely happy with Britta.

What was the biggest challenge for you moving to Berlin?

The city itself, moving from a 900 person town in the Tirolean mountains to a capital city was simply shocking. Different environment, different cultures, were our biggest challenges. Also, we found the slowness of the bureaucracy was quite frustrating.

What was the best surprise you have experienced in Berlin?

The public transportation… I didn’t need to use the car for almost 6 months!

What is your favorite Spot in Berlin?

Museumsinsel & Tiergarten.

Do you recommend a day trip from Berlin?

Potsdam  … such a beautiful place, with an amazing Sanssouci Park.

What is your favorite restaurant in Berlin?

Antica Trattoria Ferrari, reminds me home.

Is there anything you wish you would have known before moving to Berlin?

Challenges in the health care system, chaoticness of the city, the best place to find a home with some more details.



Juli Buchanan

Hi there! I'm Juli, I have german roots but I grew up in New Zealand and have been living in Germany since 2004. I love sharing my passion for Berlin and all it has to offer with new 'Berliners' and through my work as a freelance Relocation Consultant with IRC I have the opportunity to do so.

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