Life in Germany & IRC - Collab!


We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Jenna Davis from Life in Germany. Meet Jenna! She is a Canadian national who moved to Germany in 2014 and is shaking up the relocation world with her fabulous content on ‚How to Germany‘ IRC wants to bring you the tips and tricks of the ex-pat life from the real ex-pats!

Jenna moved to Germany from a small town in Ontario, Canada. She put all her trust in the hands of her German partner to get her properly settled in. While he helped with a lot of things – registering, getting a phone plan, opening up a bank account – he struggled to understand exactly what she really needed because he hadn’t been in these “ex-pat” shoes before. So she decided to share her journey and her wisdom with others and founded Life in Germany.

We saw what Jenna was doing and loved her content. It is important to our team to collaborate with those people who are living the ex-pat experience day by day – it isn’t just the first few months either, you will run into those ex-pat moments for years!



Juli Buchanan

Hi there! I'm Juli, I have german roots but I grew up in New Zealand and have been living in Germany since 2004. I love sharing my passion for Berlin and all it has to offer with new 'Berliners' and through my work as a freelance Relocation Consultant with IRC I have the opportunity to do so.

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