Berlin has a KlimaTram



Berlin has a KlimaTram - the tram for climate protection!

The joint project of the activists of Berlin4Future, the scientists of Scientists4Future, the BVG and the foundation of Eckardt von Hirschhausen Gesunde Menschen - Gesunde Erde can finally be seen on the streets of Berlin.

Under the motto: "Even the hottest city has to stay cool" 3 trams have been driving through Berlin since 17.10.2022. They stand out because of their design. The blue-red climate stripes of climatologist Ed Hawkins on the sides of the streetcars show how the average temperatures have been rising since 1850. From light blue to bright red today.

The streetcars are expected to run for one year throughout the tram network. Inside, you'll find info brochures, QR codes and digital displays educating people about the climate crisis. Get on board!

You want to know more about the project? Click here:

Photos from: Martina Dömling and Franz Ossing




Hannah Köhler


Hi! I'm Hannah and I've been working as a working student at IRC for over a year now. I was born and raised in Berlin, so I know my city pretty well. I spent a year abroad myself and can relate to the feeling when everything is new pretty well, too. That’s why I am very happy to share my knowledge and experiences with new Berliners.


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